Friday, May 16, 2008

Arnaud Profile Study

A friend of mine suggested I show this guy in profile to better explain how the hat looks when worn. Good suggestion. I pencilled and painted this yesterday fairly quickly so not too much detail.

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jubjubjedi said...

Looking good! I think you should detail this up... it looks like a classic portrait in a way.

Some thoughts:
Find some way to describe the fabrics with textures and paint. This is an important part of this character I would think, or else you wouldn't have worked so much on his costume. If his shirt is silk, for example, make it shiny. Maybe put some lace along the collar as well? The teeth on his hat look like they are metal, is this intentional? The hat looks like it is either made of crushed velvet or tree bark. Just little details like that, subtle textures to make the materials stand out from one another. Unless you have these on hand, best thing to do is look for references on how light falls on this materials. Oh, and bring up the front/back lighting as well.