Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Heads

This is how I keep my Heads and Hands class a little more interesting for me. I painted this face a few days ago, and doodled over it today for fun. Crude stuff, but fun doodling!

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jubjubjedi said...

Hmmm. Homie on the top left has got a "clown smile- killer" thing going with the make up. Dude in the top middle... are those eye piercings!?? The guy on the top right... maybe put the monocle on his third eye? Also, not sure there would be a nose bridge on the monocle, but maybe this is a funky device similar to eyeglasses, but rests on your nose and on the top of you skull, though it would still slide right off the side of ones face unless it was secure, say, on the scalp.
Bottom left's headdress kinda reminds me 50's science fiction Robbie The Robot/Ray gun style devices, probably because of the repeating coil-look. I know you are going for the tribal headdress look, but it's what popped into my head. The dude in the bottom middle is more interesting, but try to not make it look like a neck brace so much. Good rendering on the final head. Maybe softer edge brushes on the skin, contrasted with hard edge brushes on the gear next time.